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Join me on ITR I am Simply_Sandra

In The Rooms is the premier online social network for the Recovery community worldwide. Our mantra is H.I.T.C.H and our mission is to Help, Inform, Touch, Connect, and Heal those in Recovery, seeking Recovery and support for their family and friends.


With over 140,000 members in 17 different fellowships (including Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous, Emotions Anonymous and Self Mutilators Anonymous) hailing from 50-plus countries, ITR represents 603,315+ years of recovery. (11/7/11)

Join John Hollis on Rockers In Recovery

Come join our Social Network Website that is geared towards the support of Rockers who are in Recovery or support Recovery and music lovers who are in Recovery.
Rockers In Recovery Social Network an online place for


Rockers In Recovery radio show which is dedicated to music, news, interviews, events, and festivals taking place in the rock and roll industry in the world of fans, bands,listeners or musicians who are in 12 step recovery or support 12 step recovery.
Rockers In Recovery having our own social network website gives us the ability of streaming our Rockers In Recovery radio show 24/7. We also can stream video and and audio of all of our live concert productions and live events right to the Rockers In Recovery social network website. A place where Rockers In Recovery social network members can enjoy all we have to offer.
877-799-8773 or 954-826-4920

Outside Issues is a new age recovery magazine that just launched in the fall, 2011
It is a recovery based magazine but not fellowship specific that will cater to those who are inside as well as outside of recovery seeking hope. The magazines primary purpose is to reach out and help save lives through readers identifying with those who choose to share their personal stories with us. Outside issues centered around – alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive behaviors, love addiction, gambling addictions, perfectionism, parental abuse and childhood trauma are just a few of the numerous topics of discussion that will be highlighted throughout this magazine. Your anonymous participation is wanted!


If you’ve always desired to reach out and help the lives of others who have lived through a lifetime in hiding now is your opportunity to reach back and be heard. We believe that by reaching out anonymously to others the life you save may very well be your own.

1 215.758.2487

Renew Media, LLC does not endorse or discredit a particular recovery methodology. Rather, Renew serves as a medium by which recovery information from wide and varied sources may be shared.
Renew Magazine
Written by health and recovery experts, and those who daily face the challenges of real-world recovery, Renew magazine serves those new to recovery, transitioning from treatment, or supporting the recovering addict. The only recovery lifestyle magazine, Renew offers the perspective of experience. We understand that everyone’s journey is a unique and humbling one. At Renew, we support our readers by serving as trusted and wise members of their community, embracing their journey and encouraging their ongoing recovery.



RenewEveryDay.comRenewEveryDay.com expands the community to embrace those new and old to recovery and offers visitors an ever-expanding universe of information, entertainment and connection. The site is to be user-driven, and visitors will be able to connect with each other and offer their own news, listings, insights and inspiration. Renew Media, LLC supports individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and their loved ones by providing relevant and engaging information and resources to keep them connected and encourage them to create and embrace a healthy lifestyle as they recover in the real world.

The Fix is a daily website about alcoholism, addiction, recovery and the drug war that was launched in March 2011 by a team of experienced editors and writers. It is a strictly independent journalistic enterprise, with no ties to any rehab centers, medical facilities, twelve-step or moderation management programs, or government agencies. Our mission is to focus broad attention on a wide array of news, scientific advances and opinions on this controversial and contentious subject. Credible, unvarnished facts about America’s most massive public health crisis are sorely under-reported in the mainstream media. The Fix hopes to address that gap. We welcome your thoughts and opinions. Please direct tips, comments and questions to editor@thefix.com, or to the editors listed below. Advertisers can contact advertise@thefix.com. News Junkie? Get a weekly hit of our top stories and features by signing up for The Fix newsletter