New Support Items !

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Scroll down for our NEW BUTTONS that we actually make

ourselves along with our necklaces!

too! Anything you want on a button but don’t see just email

me and we can whip it right up for

you! Check out ourĀ  new Tee Shirt & Silicone

Bracelets for our West Coast 1000mile Walk-A-Thon!!


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Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures

necklace21 Motorcycle

100's & 100's of Different Combinations to make!

100′s & 100′s of Different Combinations to make!


100% Silicone Bands

100% Silicone Bands

New Silicone Bracelets!

New Silicone Bracelets!



We TrustProcess Stigma Roar NAUnity Judge JFT Hope! Highcost@ High#1 DontShhhhme bootbutton BeAseed AccButt AAUnity AAService Judge


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2 Responses to “New Support Items !”

  1. Brian nicolosi April 16, 2014 12:39 am #

    When will you be back @ Jake’s flea market cause I would like to have a necklace made

    • admin May 9, 2014 10:58 pm #

      Wow awesome thanks! I will be there this Sunday,Mothers Day and also next Weekend too,Hope to see you there!

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