Welcome To Our New Home !


The Charmory Workshop. Where ends meet and hope lives...

The Charmory Workshop.
Where ends meet and hope lives…


!!~ATTENTION This page is going under reconstruction to make room for our new shop thanks~!!

To Simply make a donation to our shop please use PayPal Button to the right —–>

Our New ETSY Shop where our Necklaces Etc Etc have moved to is

Our New Facebook page
link https://www.facebook.com/SewASeed


Welcome To Our New Home !

Yes FINALLY after 7yrs of dreaming and two full years since completing our “Sandra’s Walk For Recovery” up the east coast of the USA we are in a permanent location located in Easton Pennsylvania thank you Higher Power for landing us here…

Its been a crazy journey these last few years, so many ups and downs,twists and turns I was beginning to be afraid we would run out of time to make our dreams a reality..

Well God sure did fool us but see God works in His time not ours right?

This is amazing, and we cannot wait to open our doors this week! Sooooo exactly what is The Charmory Workshop? Well it is a warm,wonderful and inviting  by appointment only Consignment & Thrift Shop located at 156 W.Nesquehoning Street Easton Pa 18042.

We specialize in homemade,hand crafted items made by women in recovery,low income women and women on social security and disability that are not out to make a million dollars just simply to make ends meet!

My original plans to open a 1/2 way sober home were placed on hold when first my daughter became a mother at 18 and then my own mother started to subcome to the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease and they all needed to back to live with me..

Needless to say its been rough, I lost my job because of my mom’s anxiety attacts and the needs of my daughter’s school and the baby was causing me to be called home time after time so I had to think “Outside the box” on how I could still do what I love to do within the recovery community.

After we lost our home I was looking for a new one and I came across this rental property listed on Craigslist.. I took one look at it and told my family “THIS is where we’re going to live..

And here we are with our new recovery community and now as well as an extended community of low income women..

For more information, to get involved in our shop and our mission please feel free to call

me, Sandra:954-825-6493

While I am still out walking and talking every single stinking chance I get this is our new

home base, the home of our necklaces,The Seeds of Recovery Advocacy Center and

SandrasWalk.Org and a whole lot more.

Taking donations of sell-able items as well as consignments of all kinds, small and large!

We not only consign in our shop we take your items to flea markets and craft fairs as well as post photos and information for your items on SEVERAL different websites as well as keep track and ship your orders!

We look forward to meeting you, our Minions are some of the best people around <3



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New Support Items !

To order more then one item please click on the first option

and a menu will drop down with more choices.

Sorry but until we get a real shopping cart its confusing


Scroll down for our NEW BUTTONS that we actually make

ourselves along with our necklaces!

too! Anything you want on a button but don’t see just email

me sandra@intherooms.com and we can whip it right up for

you! Check out our  new Tee Shirt & Silicone

Bracelets for our West Coast 1000mile Walk-A-Thon!!


new16 new15 new14 new13 new12 new11 new10 New9 New8 New7 New6 New5 new4 New3 New2

Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures

necklace21 Motorcycle

100's & 100's of Different Combinations to make!

100′s & 100′s of Different Combinations to make!


100% Silicone Bands

100% Silicone Bands

New Silicone Bracelets!

New Silicone Bracelets!



We TrustProcess Stigma Roar NAUnity Judge JFT Hope! Highcost@ High#1 DontShhhhme bootbutton BeAseed AccButt AAUnity AAService Judge

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And They Are Back By Popular Demand..(Cool!)

Introducing our new line of Mustard Seed Necklaces!!
REMEMBER Pick ANY TWO CHARMS and A Glass Amulet and Color Suede/Organza or 16-18 inch Silver Chain and message me you specifications! Scroll all the way down to choose your options. When you check out there will be a chance to message me and tell me what you would like..
Here are some new pictures and I fixed the price issues..
1 for $15 and then a better deal for every one after that.
Plus now we have Sun Catchers for Windows or Rear View Mirrors, which work well for men or women that might not wear a necklace.
Sun Catchers THEY ONLY COME ON SUEDE and are $10 and then $5 for every one after that.
The price’s cover Tax AND Shipping cool??
All Glass Amulets have a choice of ALL Mustard Seed or 1 Seed & Sand modeled after the Footprints Poems or 1 Seed & Hand Crushed (By me) Genuine Crystals.
Crystal/ Birthstone Choices are as follows:
Rose Quartz~Garnets~Moss Agate~Red Jasper~Citrine~Peridot~Clear Crystal Quartz~Carnelian~Blood Stone~Green Aven~Amethyst~Red Jasper~Kyanite~Black Lava Sand From Hawaii
Please don’t forget we are still giving away one to someone in need at a shelter/treatment center/new comer/etc.. for every one bought online.
So your not just getting one, you are also giving one..



Sun Catchers ONLY too big for necklaces


Circle w/praying hands is two sided with Serenity Prayer on other side..(I forgot to flip it)


Not shown but also have Coast Guard~National Guard~Medical Symbol


Golden Topaz~Clear Quartz~Carnelian




Black Lava Sand~Carnelian~Kyanite


Garnets~Black Lava Sand from Hawaii


Rose Quartz~Citrine~Jasper


Moss Agate~Green Aven~Blood Stone~Citrine~Fancy Jasper


All Mustard Seed~Sand & Seed


Your Choice Organza Ribbon

New1 New3 new4 New5 New7



Your Choice Soft Suede and not shown but do have 16in or 18in Silver Chain

Motorcycle Necklace1 necklace7 necklace9 necklace10 necklace11 necklace12 necklace13 necklace14 necklace16 necklace17 necklace18 necklace19 necklace20 necklace21


Dreams Are Renewable…

Never Give Up...

Never Give Up…

Well it’s the end of May 2013….

This last year has brought my family a lot of unexpected, unplanned adventures to say the least let me tell ya….

As I planned and planned and planned to do another walk for recovery The Universe decided to show me just how little control I have over it…

And just like I had to do with addiction I have had to admit I am powerless..

Powerless to change the fact that my daughter,while still in high school had a baby of her own and needed my help…

Powerless to stop my mother from falling pray to Alzheimer’s Disease and needing to move in with us..

Yes, once again I have to admit I am powerless to stop the people I love from being human or becoming ill…

But I am not powerless over what I can do to support the ones I love and to help them through these times of need even though it means my own hopes and dreams have to be put on hold…

I had done my best with planning my next walk and while not raising enough funds for an actual bus I did manage to raise enough for a 7 passenger van and to have a trailer hitch installed to carry the 1000′slbs of Resource Materials and give away’s I have gathered..  (Now we just need a trailer)

Because of the needs of my family there will be no cross country walk for recovery this summer BUT I am still trying to go out to the West Coast for September and walk the California Coast Line at the very least…

Thank You to ALL who did their very best to keep up my morale over this last tough year, I will forever be in your debt..
To anyone new to my endeavors that would like to know more about what I do with these walks or to contribute please feel free to call me at 954-825-6493 or email me sandra@intherooms.com

Never Forget…Dreams Are Renewable…


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Our Latest Endeavors !!

Our Tentative Route

Well let me tell ya how its been lately….

WOW we are working really really hard to get the 2013 walk rolling and with all the national disasters,the election and whatnot its been like pulling teeth!!!

BUT you know me I wont give up and I will keep pounding pavements and knocking on doors and blowing up the phones & postal service until we get this thing DONE !!

LOL yes it takes “tenacity” to keep doing what we are doing but if I spent 30+yrs finding what I thought I “needed” to get high then I have the Hutzpa to see this to the end right?

We raised $690 with the Indiegogo Platform and that is enough to put down on an extra large cargo van or small box truck at a sales place down the road from us and the next step is to get donations of $100 a piece from centers and businesses across the country to have their center/business names on the van.If your interested call 954-825-6493 or email us at


Keep Moving Forward !!


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I Have a “Little Dream”

We have a “Little Dream” and we need a “Little Bus/RV” to do it in…
We can do together what we cannot do alone and that is Win the War on Addiction and Fight the Stigma surrounding Our Community…
In 2011 I walked 786 Miles from Ft.Laud to Philly doing this very thing and I had planned on another walk for 2012. But as life does life showed up and being a person in long term recovery I had to show up too…
And now, as things have fallen back into somewhat of an “order” I am re-energized and fighting harder to make my dream of a Coast 2 Coast, Sea 2 Shining Sea walk a reality for 2013.
Please help us bring our Dream into Reality…

This is the link to our Bus/RV Fund on Indiegogo..


Here are some other links to the events we were a part of in 2011 and stay posted for the events we will be attending for this years National Recovery Month Celebrations!!

Donations of even a $1.00 gets your first name,last initial on our Tee Shirts and $100.00 or more gets your name/product/Etc on THE BUS!!

PS….Everyone that bought a necklace last year is also on the shirts!


Sandra Huffman

Box 233 Bally,PA 19503



Itherooms.com post of support on FB

Its all in the Journey


On Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 7:29 PM, Sandra Huffman <sandra@intherooms.com> wrote:

On Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 7:25 PM, Sandra Huffman <sandra@intherooms.com> wrote:
Addiction Professionals Magazine



May 6th 2011 on The Coast http://sandraswalk.org/2011/05/09/sandra-on-coast-97-3/

May 24th 2010 The Movement Within Radio Interview with April Claxton http://www.blogtalkradio.com/themovementwithin/2010/05/24/the-movement-within-radio

April 3rd 2011 Rockers In Recovery Radio Interview With John Hollis http://www.blogtalkradio.com/holisticlifestylesradio/2011/04/03/rockers-in-recovery–host-john-hollis-1

May 6th 2011 on The Coast http://sandraswalk.org/2011/05/09/sandra-on-coast-97-3/

 Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101 – Sandra’s Walk for Recovery

Article in “The Fix” http://www.thefix.com/content/fill-it?sms_ss=facebook&at_xt=4ddb94ed033e7810%2C0#slide4

Love In The Rooms Note http://loveintherooms.com/tag/sandraswalk-org/

June 12Th Sun Sentinel   http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/broward/cooper-city/fl-cn-sandra-0612-20110611,0,4495437.story

Addiction Professional Magazine


September 21, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Movement Within’s Video of Sandraswalk.org Rock & Roll Fundraiser
May 14th 2011
Sowing a trail of mustard seeds to cultivate messages of hope, healing, and recovery to victims of Addiction, Abuse and Homelessness. “Sandra’s Walk” will begin on June 6, 2011 on the Fort Lauderdale beach. I plan to arrive in Washington, D.C. by September 2011 to participate in DC-based Recovery Month activities as well as PRO-ACT’s Recovery Walks in Royersford & Philadelphia plus surrounding areas during the entire month. Hats off to Sandra Huffman for keeping hope and life alive! The Movement Within loves and supports you.

Sept,28th,2011 Addiction Professionals Blog
By the numbers, Sandra Huffman’s June-to-September walk from South Florida up the East Coast amounted to 786 miles, more than 1,000 unforgettable people met, and 500 business cards amassed. Yet the value of the experience clearly was beyond measure.

Channel 2 News Charleston

Sandra Huffman is walking 1300 hundred miles to raise awareness about drug addiction and homelessness


April 3, 2011 at 7 PM EST on Rockers In Recovery we will be interviewing Sandra Huffman on WWNN AM 1470 and her walk for recovery scheduled to start in June 2011. Sandra will tell us how this vision began and how she is working to save lives along the way from Ft. Lauderdale to Washington DC.

May 21, 2011 in Miami, FL, The Movement Within presented the Explore Gratitude Workshop. It was a day filled with inspirational speakers who revealed their personal stories only to do one thing: lift humanity, one heart at a time. Sandra Huffman was one of these speakers. On June 6, 2011 Sandra will be walking from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Washington to celebrate National Recovery Month. Sandra founded www.SandrasWalk.org to help spread the word and support of recovery. Her story is one that will touch any heart and inspire any human being.

This year, to celebrate National Recovery Month and her own fifth year in recovery, Sandra Huffman is walking 1,300 miles from Fort Lauderdale to Washington, D.C. Here, we talked with Sandra about her struggle with addiction and how she was inspired to move forward…Phoenix House

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August 2012 Recovery Events

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August 2012 Recovery Events

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It’s Almost Here!! September 2012 Recovery Month!!!

  We are in the

process of making

1000 + Necklaces


those in need of

HOPE during

September with a

BUNCH set aside to give away in Philly for

our walk but also sending a load to DETROIT

for them to give away at the National Rally

for Recovery and other Rally’s around the

country also!!! You can  support us by getting

one on ETSY or make straight donations with

NECKLACE in the notation on the

sandraswalk.org website!! Whoo Hoo I am

Soooooooo EXCITED!!! Please share this



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We Rocked Recovery Out In Washington State !!!!

Well my good friend Laurie and I went to Seattle and let me tell ya SEATTLE ROCKS!!!
Laurie drove from Connecticut to JFK and I drove from Pennsylvania to meet up with her and after a minor “glitch” we boarded a plane west!!!












The whole point of the trip was to FINALLY meet VIII DAYS CLEAN in person, see them play live and lay the ground work of a new walk next year from West to East and connect with Marin McCauley & Ron Walvatne and Sherie Szubski to start some plans for a new non-profit organization that will raise funds for Intervention Services not covered by insurance companies..
Loving this idea that we..as in us, the recovering community can reach out to the families of those still out there sick and suffering.. In the end the hope is to provide a service to intervene on behalf of families that are desperate to get through to their loved ones but lack resources to higher professional interventionists.Now that is something I am 100% behind and will walk a million miles to make a reality….

The folks we met were all really true genuinely good souls Theresa.S,Robert.S & Tane, Amber, Christina.O, Meranda.R just to name a few and what a pleasure the entire trip was!! The concert that VIII puts on every year coincides with the NA Clean & Free by the Sea Convention and is held in Ocean Shores WA where the beaches go on for miles and miles and the scenery is breathtaking….

The first day the sun came out and it was absolutely warm and bright which I am told is pretty unusual for this time of year and the sun was glinting off the ocean and just really seemed to be a God moment to view..
Laurie and I stayed with some of the band & crew in an awesome cabin that was nestled on a hillside right on the beach and did what we could to help out in the kitchen and be of some sort of service..
Thursday our day was filled with the set up for the concert and a really nice fish & chip dinner and the second day dawned to the opening of Clam Season!! I woke up at 5am as usual to be greeted to about 50 clammers lanterns dotting the shoreline in the predawn hours so I grabbed some coffee and headed down to the waters edge and had the best private conversation with God that I have had in a long while…
The entire trip was a true gift of sobriety and was truly needed to get my head centered back on what it is that fuels my spirit today…Recovery and all the Beautiful Souls inside and outside the walls…
We are planning another trip out this summer and really busy trying to decide on which cities we will be walking in next year.. As of right now the plan is to leave Seattle in March 2013 and walk 50 miles in 50 cities across America spreading our Mustard Seeds of Hope and the Awareness of September which is National Recovery Month. Thank You All for Your Continued Support because as you know We CAN do Together what WE cannot do Alone…
Peace from PA Peeps..
We have only Just Begun….

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